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Fuck no bad tattoos: the original bad tattoo blog — So I got my first tattoo today, I know its wonkey... So I got my first tattoo today, I know its wonkey but I love it submitted by impericool wonky is the least of your problems...

Rejected from the police because of a tiny tattoo A police officer, who took a career break to bring up two children, has been told she can't rejoin the force because of a tiny tattoo behind her ear. Louisa Baker, from Ashford, has a star at the top of her neck. It's sm

New Way to Get Rid of Stretch Marks: Tattoos! A tattooed has found a way to camouflage stretch marks by tattooing them to match skin tone. See the results here...

Stockton tattoo parlour transformed into quirky cocktail bar The quirky spot serves a wide range of cocktails, over 100 spirits, and beers :: Decorating the bar took a team of men four days to complete...

You can now apply fake freckles using a temporary tattoo Want freckles but not the sun damage that comes with them? Well you’re in luck because you can now buy some faux speckles all of your own.

Fuck no bad tattoos: the original bad tattoo blog — An acquaintance got this one done at All The Rage... An acquaintance got this one done at All The Rage in Grande Prairie, AB, and posted it on FB. I don’t even know where to begin – the “font”? the ugly af butterfly? the crookedness? the grammar?

Tom Hardy lost a bet, has to get a Leonardo DiCaprio tattoo Betting against Leonardo DiCaprio used to be a pretty safe move back in the day when the actor simply could not get a win at the Oscars year after year. But Tom Hardy has learned the hard way to never wager with DiCaprio

Stunning young woman offers auction bidders chance to choose tattoo for her bum THIS stunning young woman is inviting bidders on a public auction to choose a tattoo for her bum. Bailey Price – a self-confessed regular “public mooner” – says the winner w...

Baywatch Trailer: The Rock and Babes, But Who Is the New Pam Anderson? Dwayne Johnson seems to slide into Hasselhoff's role but who will be filling out Pamela Anderson's red bikini.

She Looks Like a Cross Between Selena Gomez and Sophia Vergara It was a pleasure shooting the gorgeous Suttin Suicide recently. She messaged me on IG and when we realized that we lived near each other it was a no brainer that we needed to shoot!

The Soviet-born women transforming Israel's tattoo scene Five artists reveal why they pursued the profession, what inspires them, and where they see the macho Israeli tattoo culture going.

The bike that won Adam Craig a tattoo In most races, when you cross the finish line, the pain stops. If you win the just-about-anything-goes Singlespeed Cyclocross World...

Kelly Doty Reveals Final Chest Piece Tattoo On Instagram After ‘Ink Master’ Loss To Ryan Ashley Malarkey I'm really proud of it and my only regret is that I didn't get the chance to show everyone,” she wrote.

Tattoo parlour under fire for installing SPRINKLERS to deter homeless people from sleeping outside A TATTOO parlour has come under fire for installing SPRINKLERS that prevent homeless people from bedding down in front of it. Dublin Ink implemented the extreme deterrent after being plagued by rou...

Mum is rejected from police because of tiny star TATTOO behind her ear Mother-of-two Louisa Baker, 39, worked as a constable for Sussex Police until 2006, when she took time off to raise her daughters, now aged four and eight.

Woman auctions her buttock for a tattoo of the winning bidder's choice Bailey Price, a 20-year-old woman from Wellington who claims she has a habit of mooning people in public, is auctioning off one of her buttock for a tattoo of the highest bidder's choice.

Michele Wortman EP 124 We spent a little time with Michele Wortman discussing tattooing, painting and her unique approach to both. From conceptual ideas to practical application...

Fuck no bad tattoos: the original bad tattoo blog — This guy, Brett Osborne, was competing for a place... This guy, Brett Osborne, was competing for a place on Ink Master season 8. No wonder Peck kicked him out before he was even done.

Tom Hardy says Leonardo DiCaprio is making him get a 'shitty tattoo' after losing Oscar bet Tom Hardy has revealed that he lost a bet with Leonardo DiCaprio after the Oscar winner said his Revenant co-star would also get a nomination for playing John Fitzgerald. The Legend actor bet a “tattoo of the winner’

BREAKING NEWS: Kelly Doty Reveals NSFW Tatt Ink Master eliminated Kelly Doty before she could reveal her 24-hour master canvas. We have a photo of her NSFW masterpiece.

Female Tattoo Artists Are Finally Getting the Recognition They Deserve After eight seasons, the popular tattoo competition reality show "Ink Master" just announced its first female winner.

Who is Alice Perrin? IF you need to get rid of an embarrassing tattoo, Alice Perrin is the woman for the job. The Tattoo Fixers star has been helping punters fix their regrettable inkings since 2015. As the new series...

Woman has her beloved cats ASHES mixed with ink for a special tattoo A CAT-LOVER has immortalised her love for her pet, Tribble, with a tattoo infused with the felines ashes.

Football-mad gran's new tattoo for her Special One A football-mad gran has proved she is the Special One's number one fan after getting a giant tattoo of Jose Mourinho's face on her heart. Viv Bodycote, 59, of Earl Shilton, has covered her home...

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